Yesteryear Auctions

Love of the game and history

The history of our country and sports are intertwined. As sports gained popularity, athletes became not only players but childhood heroes. Like many before us, we were drawn to sports for the competition, camaraderie, and to the games themselves.

At an early age we began purchasing and collecting sports cards. Cards made the players on television come to life. Soon we were at the local card store at every opportunity to open a pack.

As we grew older, we continued to learn about the hobby of sports collecting. Researching, buying, and selling sports items only increased our interest in the hobby. We discovered auctions were a way of blending our love of sports and collectibles while providing a service.

YESTERYEAR AUCTIONS specializes in providing customers sports collectibles to speak for nostalgic memories and historical sporting events.

Kendrick and Kelvin (left) Johnson